Professional Solutions and Applications
in Hydroacoustics

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Investigations on outmigrating European eels and the efficiency of a near-ground bypass system at a medium-sized hydropower plant in the River Lippe

Monitoring of fish biomass and spatial distribution of fish in Eder Reservoir 2005-09


Fish species identification based on DIDSON acoustic shadows

Development of fish protection devices in turbine inlet canals of small and medium-sized hydropower plants

Fish behaviour in relation to an electric scaring device close to a cooling water pump station in the River Elbe

Experimental assessment of macrophytes in the water, drinking water, and water protection stream and pond system of the Federal Environment Agency (GER)

Assessment of Elodea nuttallii in Lake Kemnade and Lake Baldeney (River Ruhr)

Technical UW-observations: data acquisition in the Dortmund-Ems-Canal (DEC)

Behaviour of migrating Atlantic salmon at the control and catch station in the River Sieg

Fisheries investigations of a moveable hydro-electric power plant in the River Kinzig (Gengenbach)

Detection of large pelagic fish shoals and their movement in open lake waters

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